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MyPlantRN is a unique education platform and supportive service with a mission to help awaken the people of the world. Various factors such as cultural influences and exposure to toxicity can keep us from knowing our calling. The world’s distractions can leave us feeling confused, angry, tired, empty, and emotionally isolated while battling disease or dis-ease. Whether it’s your mental, physical, or spiritual well-being, remember that it’s never too late to find healing and live a more purpose-filled experience. By utilizing the tools I’ve learned and the opportunities bestowed upon me by God, I have committed myself to be a part of the change I feel the world desperately needs. If you have an innate hunger for a more meaningful life, contact us today.
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About Me

Born and raised in America, I faced numerous challenges, including personal trauma, and overcame significant odds to put myself through college and become a Registered Nurse in New York. However, witnessing the deterioration of healthcare and the rise of a sick-care mentality in various industries, I decided to leave the traditional system in February 2020, as the world around us began to change dramatically.

Driven by a profound desire to understand life more deeply, I discovered that true healing comes from within, guided by the grace of God. Though trained in conventional medicine, I sought to gain a deeper understanding of my own health beyond the confines of prescription medications and services dictated by financial interests with inadequate care outcomes. This journey led me to pursue higher education in various fields, opening my eyes to a broader perspective of what health truly means and how to achieve wellness.


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How Alcohol Damages Every Part of the Body

How Alcohol Damages Every Part of the Body

Hey there, party animals! You know those Friday nights when you’re out with your friends, clinking glasses and making memories? When the atmosphere is lively, the music is pumping, and the anticipation of a great time hangs in the air? A night out with a drink (or several) in hand can seem like the perfect way […]

Tips to Protect Yourself from Indoor Toxins

Tips to Protect Yourself from Indoor Toxins

In the contemporary world, we spend most of your time indoors, whether at home or office. This makes it crucial for the indoor environment to be suitable for your overall well-being. However, what many fail to realize is that some indoor toxins can harbor a multitude of hidden toxins that can pose health risks. From […]

9 Ways to Let the Spirit of God Guide Your Life

9 Ways to Let the Spirit of God Guide Your Life

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, many individuals seek solace, guidance, and direction through their faith. As a believer, you look to the Spirit of God to guide you to the path of righteousness and fulfillment. It’s through your connection with God that you can discover your new purpose and navigate every challenge […]



How my path of leaving a religious institution saved my soul. Understand why faith helps you find love and light. How to fight against sin and evil.


God gave us our beautiful bodies and a seed for a spirit. He gave us freewill to grow in our own ways. The choices we make will affect our mind, body and spirit.


Various harmful energies and toxic chemicals are purposely being added in numerous ways to harm our health and control our freedoms.

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“myplantRN has been a huge help to my family. Knowing I have someone to contact like Jeanette with health concerns/questions is a blessing. She has been more reliable than our family doctor. I highly recommend becoming a member for all the benefits our family has grown to love.”

Christine P.

- In the time I've known Jeanette I have been amazed at the amount of knowledge she has in all areas related to health, emotional, physical, environmental, mental health. She's extremely passionate about helping others and providing resources to help her clients and their families live a better, healthier, cleaner lifestyle! She's also a very trustworthy, compassionate, kind and loving human!

Marisa S.

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